What Were You Thinking?
Musica Canis Avem

What Were You Thinking?

by William Chandler


About What Were You Thinking?

William Chandler wrote What Were You Thinking? in the summer of 2019. He intends the piece to convey a sense of waiting for a message that does not come.

Chandler, the founder of Musica Canis Avem, has studied classical guitar with Larry Long and Matt Palmer. He studied composition with composer and conductor David Van Vactor. Chandler is also an energy and climate scientist and entrepreneur.

Composer William Kenlon and guitarist Matt Palmer edited the composition, and copyeditor Kate Richardson reviewed the score. Chandler expresses special thanks to Kenlon for his suggestions regarding harmony and dynamics.

The cover image, Thinker on a Rock by Barry Flanagan, is displayed in the Sculpture Garden of the National Gallery of Art. The cover design was created by Laura McConnell, Fun With Type, Baltimore, Maryland.

Score available in paper and PDF.