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Musica Canis Avem

Jazz Age: Homage to Sharecroppers

by William Chandler


About Jazz Age


A song about coming of age in the American South during the time of Jump Jim Crow.

William Chandler composed the music and lyrics. William Kenlon and Matt Palmer edited the score and contributed to the arrangement. Kate Richardson copyedited the score.

The recording features Chandler both singing and playing guitar. HandymanIT provided sound engineering.

The cover art features the painting Cotton Field by North Carolina artist Micah Mullen. Visit his web site to view more of his art.

The score is available for download free through the 2020 pandemic.

Black Lives Matter.


Jazz Age

Homage to Sharecroppers

William Chandler

© 1985, 2018

I was not born a master.
You were not born a slave.

Born like you on a southern back road
Raised like you on the brick red clay
Left like you for the cool blue city
From the Jump Jim Crow day-to-day
Of the Jazz Age.

Out of time on a southern hillside
Out of reach of the top
They’d all say.
Nothing to do but to move your babies
Before day
Before the man blows your oldest away
In this Jazz Age.

Enough to eat,
A place to sleep
And give us time to play
‘Cause we’re a part of the Jazz Age.

Let me live on a rock coast island,
Let me stay with the blue-green muse,
Let me shake the hand of a son of a free man
From the bebop diddle dee aye
Of the Jazz Age.

Enough to eat
A place to sleep
And give us time to play
‘Cause we’re a part of the Jazz Age.