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Musica Canis Avem

Time Might Catch Us

by William Chandler


About Time Might Catch Us

William Chandler completed Time Might Catch Us in the late spring of 2020. The piece originated in earlier times of trouble and evolved with the crises of 2020.

As performed here, the song was recorded with Holly Gwin on piano and Bill Chandler singing. Sound engineering was provided by HandymanIT. Holly wrote the piano arrangement.

William Kenlon edited the composition. Kate Richardson copyedited the score.

The cover image is a watercolor painted by Maryland artist Charles McKee titled Time and Mechanics. The cycles of human social behavior sometimes repeat themselves like the mechanical cycles of the solar system.

In recognition of current troubles, a digital copy of the score is available here through June 2020. But please send admin an email at letting us know you got it.